Volunteer Opportunities

Here is a list of how you can help keep the ski hill up and running! Work just 3 hours or work more! Earn 1 lift ticket for every 3 hours worked! Sign up by yourself or sign up with a friend! Choose your own schedules and where you want to help out!

(Also: Community Service Hours that high school students need to acquire before graduating can be earned here at BRATTLEBORO SKI HILL)

WORK at the BASE STATION: (This is at the bottom of the hill) (2-3 person crew) Opening up for the day, selling tickets in a heated space, selling food, making announcements over the PA system, working outside loading people on the lift, opening the warming hut, stopping the lift when people fall, restarting the lift with a button, helping patrons learn how to ride the lift, giving information, controlling the loading line, communicating with the Castle operators via direct phone systems, and closing down at the end of the day, are among some duties.

WORK with SKI PATROL: Ski for free. Be a helper on the hill, watch and report conditions, or become certified and earn your ski patrol accreditation!

WORK at the CASTLE:( This is at the top of the hill) (1-2 person crew) Up here you watch to see that people get off the lift safely, that the T-bar retracts properly, the safety gate is secured, hit the stop button if needed, communicate with the skiers over the PA system, and other opening and closing duties.

WORK with the SNOW MAKING CREW: ( From 2 to 10 or more needed at times) Everything from hauling 2″- 50′ long snow making hose, setting up the snow fans, turning on valves, changing filters, communicating via walkie talkie, checking fan ( not snow guns but snow fans) output, watching for safety, re-aiming the direction due to wind change, taking all the equipment down, putting it away, and draining the system.

This is just a partial list of what needs to be done to keep this magical place a reality.

Many more unmentioned things such as fund raising, board meetings, committee meetings, equipment repair, painting, weedwacking, snow grooming, electrical work, sign painting,ect…. the list goes on and on…….

Please contact us under the Contact/Volunteer tab and someone will get back to you soon!