Living Memorial Park Snow Sports is run entirely by volunteers. Living Memorial Snow Sports, Inc appeals for your support.  Your generosity will make it possible for LMPSS to offer:

Safe, convenient, affordable (still only $5) winter snow sports (skiing and snowboarding)

Healthy winter activity for all ages, by day and under the lights

Community service opportunities for high school students

Revival of snowshoe and cross country trails

Special Winter Carnival and school vacation events

Lesson programs

Pride in a unique, historic feature of our community

A way to love winter

If you can help please send your tax deductible contribution to:


PO BOX 1945

BRATTLEBORO, VT 05302-1945

Or use paypal’s online donation link on the right of this page.

Operating the lift at Memorial Park fully staffed requires a crew of 4 people. If you can contribute to Snow Sports by donating your time please Volunteer